The replacement time of the car parts

No matter how expensive the car is when it is bought, it will be scrapped if it is not maintained in a few years. In particular, the depreciation time of auto parts is very fast, and we can only guarantee the normal operation of the vehicle by regular replacement. Today xiaobian will tell you about the replacement time of some spare parts above the car, so that your car can drive for a few more years.

First, spark plug
The spark plug is a very important and easily damaged part of a car. Its role is to ignite the gasoline in the engine cylinder and help the engine start. Compared with oil, filter and air filter, spark plugs are often neglected. Many car owners do not remember to replace spark plugs when they have spare parts in their cars.

The harm of not replacing the spark plug regularly is very big, not only will lead to car ignition difficulties, but also will lead to the lack of power of the car, accelerate the formation of carbon deposition. So how often should spark plugs be replaced? In fact, the spark plug replacement time and its material has a great relationship. If it is a common nickel alloy spark plug, then every 20 to 30 thousand kilometers can be replaced. If it's a platinum spark plug, replace it every 60,000 kilometers. With iridium plugs, you can replace them every 80,000 kilometers, depending on the vehicle's use.

The replacement time of the car parts1

Many novice drivers do not know what is the car filter filter, in fact, is the air filter, gasoline filter and oil filter. The role of the air filter is to filter impurities in the air, to prevent these impurities into the engine and accelerate the engine wear. The purpose of gasoline filters is to filter impurities in gasoline and prevent clogging of the fuel system. The function of the oil filter is to filter most of the impurities in the oil and ensure that the oil is clean.

Automobile filter as the car above three very important parts, replacement time is more frequent. Among them, the replacement time of air filter is 10,000 kilometers, the replacement time of gasoline filter is 20,000 kilometers, and the replacement time of oil filter is 5,000 kilometers. We usually do maintenance for the car must be timely replacement of the filter, so as to fully engine performance, reduce the engine failure rate.

The replacement time of the car parts2

Three, brake pads
Brake pad is one of the most critical safety parts in the automotive brake system, its role is when the car encounters danger, let the car stop in time, can be said to be our god of protection. So how often should the car brake pad be replaced? Generally, brake pads need to be replaced every 30 to 50 thousand kilometers, but because everyone's driving habits are different, it still depends on the specific situation.

The replacement time of the car parts3

But when a brake warning light on the dashboard comes on, you have to replace the brake pads immediately because it means something is wrong with the brake pads. In addition, when the thickness of the brake pad is less than 3mm, we should also replace the brake pad immediately, do not have to drag it.

Post time: May-23-2022